Jason Aldean Tour Dates

Jason Aldean Tour Dates

Starting at the end of January until the end of August Jason Aldean will kick off his 2015 tour! If you are interested to see if he will be visiting your hometown then you are in the right place. Here you can learn when and where he will be performing live. Take note that while this is an updated list of Jason Aldean tour dates, they are subject to change. Make sure you check to ensure he will perform at each of these dates in the days leading up to each event.

On Saturday January 31 Jason will kick off his tour in Phoenix, Arizona. After he will venture off to South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, and Tennessee all throughout February. He is scheduled to perform in the first two mentioned states from February 12th until the 14th; he will then be in Louisiana on the 19th, and Missouri on the 20th. His tour in the beginning of the United States will wrap up in Tennessee at the end of the month on the 21st.

Once Jason has completed his tour of America for a bit he will then perform in Sweden on February 28th, after which he will be in Norway at an unspecified date. What is known is that he will resurface in Ireland on the 7th of March, as well as travel to London in the 8th. Once his trip abroad is completed Jason will make a trip back out to the United States. Once in America he will begin touring again at the end of the month of March. His first show will be held on March 26th in Ohio, followed by another on the next day in Illinois and another on the 28th in Iowa.

April will be a relatively slow month for Jason since he will only perform on April 9th in Kansas, and in Montana towards the end of the month on the 23rd. Do not worry because he will return on the 2nd of May in Santa Clarita, California, On the 9th of May Jason is scheduled to be in Indianapolis, as well as the 14th through the 16th in Texas. He won’t conclude his tour there as he will also be in Pennsylvania on the 30th of that month. Jason will take a few weeks off but on the 20th of June you can find him in Wisconsin and Ohio on the 21st.

The summer will end off well if you want to see him since he will perform at the following places: Washington in June, Canada and the states of Minnesota and California in July, and on the last month of his tour you can find Jason Aldean concert dates in Missouri, Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey, and a finisher in Massachusetts. With the full schedule laid out in front of you it can be hard to figure out which event to attend. 2015 is a great year for country lovers, get out there and see Jason Aldean on his tour!

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